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It all started with a kid from Detroit. His dad owned a bakery (Shabazz Bakery) and when he would come home from work, his clothes smelled of the aroma of bean pies. You read that right, pies made of protein rich navy beans, specially spiced into a creamy custard and baked in a homemade crust. This was the beginning of Khalid's journey to baking. 

Memories of a career day where his dad brought pies to the school and shared with all his friends come to mind when Khalid thinks back. And of course, the days where he couldn't go out with friends because he had to bake pies. They would often come by the bakery to learn the ropes of pressing out pie shells. 

And the fast forward to going vegan. Khalid saw a need for a variety of vegan products, not just the same cupcakes and cookies, so he decided to take the challenge of converting those family heirloom recipes to be cruelty free. It was not without resistance, his dad didn't think it could be done. After a few months of trial error the perfect vegan bean pie was born. 

The Doughlicious Vegan bean pie has the classic Shabazz Bakery flavor reimagined with wholesome dairy and egg free ingredients. 

If you're already a bean pie fan, we promise you won't be disappointed. If you're new to bean pies, welcome! They're not scary, we promise. 

Doughlicious Vegan bean pies are now available at Plant Based Pizzeria and will be available for purchase at local festivals. Soon to come are online ordering and nationwide shipping. 

This Is How We Do It



All of our products are made from scratch with premium ingredients. For our bean pies we use organic navy beans and soak them overnight. We then cook them until soft for optimum blending into our bean pie custard. Our wheat bread is made using whole wheat flour and agave nectar to give it a touch of sweetness.  


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